Burton Holmes Traveling in California in 1915

By 1954 Burton Holmes Travelogues was being managed by Robert Hollingsworth and Robert Mallett, and was selling certified prints of famous Holmes photgraphs. Here's a typical print from that time; it shows Holmes in California in 1915, traveling in a Model T Ford. Directly below we include a copy of the certificate of authenticity that came with it, signed by both Hollingsworth and Mallet. (We apologize in advance for the imperfect presentation of the certificate.)

Click on either of these images to see a larger version (approximately 180 kB each).

Holmes in camp in California with Model T, 1915

Certificate for photograph of Holmes in California 1915


The materials on this page were provided by Tim Bertrand, who sells historical materials on eBay as tikifever. The photograph and certificate have been on auction there and may still be available.

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